Intimate Wedding in Valle de Guadalupe | Casa Gracia | Kiron & Ryan

Planning Kiron & Ryan’s wedding at Casa Gracia in Valle de Guadalupe was an enchanting experience. Valle de Guadalupe is a hidden gem in Baja California that captivates everyone who visits. When Kiron and Ryan discovered this stunning mountaintop residence, they knew it was the perfect canvas for their special day. The panoramic views and architectural elegance of Casa Gracia provided the ideal backdrop for a celebration that unfolded like a cherished love story.

Pre-Wedding Moments
As we prepared for the day, the expansive windows in Kiron’s room framed the breathtaking landscapes outside. Her radiant kindness filled the air, setting a joyful tone for the entire day. With close family by their side, Kiron and Ryan exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony officiated by a beloved family member. The intimate setting and personal touches made the ceremony deeply moving for everyone present.

A Culinary Adventure
One of the advantages of an intimate wedding is the ability to offer extraordinary culinary experiences. Kiron and Ryan delighted their guests with a culinary adventure at Fauna Restaurante en Bruma, one of the region’s most iconic establishments. The exquisite cuisine added an unforgettable element to their celebration.

Seamless Execution
Our team at ProBoda Baja Weddings ensured that every detail of the celebration was executed seamlessly. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, we worked closely with Kiron and Ryan to bring their vision to life. The entire celebration was nothing short of magical, and we were honored to be part of their journey.

Capturing the Magic
We collaborated with talented wedding photographers who documented this beautiful chapter of Kiron and Ryan’s love story. The photos captured the essence of their day, reflecting the genuine joy and love that filled the air.

Planning Your Dream Wedding
If you’re considering an intimate wedding in Valle de Guadalupe, we would love to help make your dream a reality. At ProBoda Baja Weddings, we offer comprehensive planning services to ensure your special day is perfect in every way. Contact us to start planning your unforgettable wedding today.

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